Paul Dennis - United Kingdom Youth Parliament (UKYP)
"Joe Holdsworth was instrumental in coordinating youth Parliament elections 2017, his media skills and IT knowledge were invaluable. He managed to save the Council £1500 alone in completing the DVD manifesto of the Youth candidates for Walsall Council Youth Parliament.
Joe has worked extremely hard and put in lots of his time during the actual sessions and also from his home, to meet so many tough deadlines to produce various aspects of Walsall United Kingdom Youth Parliament elections.
Another area Joe excelled in was how he managed to calm and reassure the young people who were nervous about producing their recorded manifesto, Joe showed great communication and people skills to help young people feel at ease when recording.
Due to all local authorities having no none-essential spend over the past two years, this year’s election process would look very different if we didn’t have Joe's skills and knowledge."
21.01.2017 - 31.01.2017

Niall Creane - Live Music Band
"Joseph performed above and beyond expectations in that, he not only delivered excellent photo coverage of our event but he was very keen to help out in other ways throughout the day, such as; assisting with the stage production and set-up of event props & staging area.
Joseph was very engaging and eager to assist us with our event. My team and I were extremely grateful for his enthusiasm and work ethic on the day of the event. His photos as well as his attitude and professionalism were of a very high standard and I would highly recommend Joseph for future work. He was a pleasure to work with and our event could not have been as successful as it was without him on hand to help."

Walatta Robinson - Financial Awareness & Budgetary Solutions cic. (F.A.B.S)
"Joe has been such a pleasure to work with. His passion and dedication along with his attention to detail has been tremendous. He has created and designed some great work for us from logos, leaflets and our website to name just a few. I was able to meet and discuss my concept and branding and Joe was able to produce a number of designs to use on market material. Thank you for all the work you have done and for always delivering. I look forward to working with you again very soon."
12.04.2017 - ongoing
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